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Enterprise Application Courses
  • Top instructors and practitioners teach live via online sessions

  • Access to high-quality self-paced e-learning courses and lectures handpicked by industry experts

  • Hands-on real-world projects to hone the skills that you've learned

  • Industry Readiness Bootcamp and Placement Readiness Bootcamp to get yourself trained for the big day

  • Self-assessment simulation tests

  • Round-the-clock learner aid and support

  • Outcome focused corporate training delivered with corporate discipline by Industry Practitioners

  • Customized learning journeys which meets your specific needs and schedule

  • Original content built to meet industry excellence via LEARN-LIVE-LEAD methodology

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Courses Offered

Digital BSA

The business systems analyst role in most organizations is responsible for translating the organization’s needs into requirements, which are mainly used for taking right business decision. Nearly 56,000 jobs are available right now which is expected to grow 10% by next year. Become an Expert in the skills of Agile Scrum Project Management, Applications, Daily Synchronization & Sprint Planning and get your dream job right now.

Potential Career Paths


From 2020, ServiceNow is growing at a compound annual rate of 22%. As per Statistics, 60% of certified professionals are getting a promotion within 12 months. Being a certified ServiceNow professional you will get benefits from all aspects of your career advancement.

Right-now, 20,516 companies use ServiceNow around the globe. The average ServiceNow developer salary in India ranges ₹ 1,200,000/annum. Entry-level salaries for freshers start at ₹ 800,000 per year, and the most experienced professionals make up to ₹ 1,850,000 /annum.

Top companies like TCS, Cognizant, Infosys, Accenture, Wipro, IBM, Capgemini, etc., are actively hiring ServiceNow developers.

Potential Career Paths

Intelligent Automation

The business systems analyst role in most organizations is responsible for translating the organization’s needs into requirements, which are mainly used for taking right business decision. Nearly 56,000 jobs are available right now which is expected to grow 10% by next year. Become an Expert in the skills of Agile Scrum Project Management, Applications, Daily Synchronization & Sprint Planning and get your dream job right now.

Potential Career Paths


As SAP Hybris/Commerce is used to play an outstanding role in the market with a most unique set of features for sales, in-stores & mobile e-commerce applications. Hybris have exclusive product content management which delivers high-quality delivery in images, videos & other in-built features which make customer engagement easy. This ranks top in e-commerce platforms because of integrated tools with multichannel e-commerce solutions.

As per the Global SAP Cloud Platform Services, the market opportunity will be USD 6,200 Million between 2022-2032. Top Companies like TCS, Wipro,  Dell, Capgemini, PWC, Tech Mahindra, etc., are hiring SAP Freshers.

Potential Career Paths

Data Science

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 11.5 Million Job Openings will be created by 2026. It seems to be the demand for data science will never decline in the future. You may think being a fresher how can I get a high-paying job? But, It is possible with AXYYA Academy even a Fresher can bag Rs. 4LPA in post-training.

Our Online Training makes you proficient in all relevant skills required to start your career in Data Science. Learn the most in-demand skills with practical labs, live-interactions classes, Mock Tests & Placement Preparation. Showcase your projects to employers & get placed with high-paying Jobs.

Potential Career Paths


Pega is an evolving Business Process Management tool used for Customer Relationship Management, Dynamic Case Management, and real-time analytics. As Pega’s software is used by some of the largest organizations in the world, its salaries for certified professionals are comparatively higher than other technologies.

As IT industry is focusing on automation for improving business efficiency. All industries from finance, healthcare, telecom, etc., are demanding certified Pega professionals.

Potential Career Paths

We at 'AXYYA Academy' walk you through all the

4 Stages of Interview Preparation


Stage 1

Learning the basics..

Online Courses


Live classes with one-on-one interaction

Real world Projects

Experiential learning

Self-paced Courses

Customized learning journey


Stage 2

Hands-on Experience

Assignments & Quizzes

Online Internships






Stage 3

Projects & Certifications

Real-world Projects

Project Reviews

Accredited Certifications

Stage 4

Getting Ready for the Big Day (Your Interviews)

Interview Preparation

Aptitude Preparation

Career Assistance

Skill Assessment

Resume Reviews

Mock Interviews

Mock Tests


Industry Connect

Business Simulation

Jobs and Job Fairs


Designed for Everyone Looking for a Software Job

Graduates & Final Year students of all branches

Mech, Civil, Chem, ECE, EEE, CS/IT etc.

People with any degree background

B.A, BSc, B.Com, B.Ed, B.B.A, M.B.A

Non IT Professionals looking to shift to IT

Get higher salaries you deserve for your capabilities

Those worrying about low CGPA/backlogs

Your academic performance will not hold you back.

Those with the career gap on the resume

Lost time preparing for the exams/health issues, homemakers etc.

IT Professionals looking for Product Development roles

Switch from support/testing roles to high-paid developer roles.


  • Live classes
  • Ask your doubts to experts, anytime!
  • Job assistance
  • Mentoring support from experts
  • Peer learning

Degree Course

  • Occasional boring lectures
  • Bot driven or self help material
  • Gives you access to some job boards
  • Hardly any
  • No engagement with peers or alumni

AXYYA Academy

  • Weekly live classes
  • Personalised quick resolution
  • All the way to get you your dream job
  • Regular interaction with experts
  • Large community of experts and learners
  • Limited seats

Get Certified. Get Hired.

Yes, you’ll get a certificate representing your Industry Readiness once you submit your projects and clear the mock tests.

Industry-Ready Certification [IRC]

Unlike any academic certificate, for the first-time in India, IRC certifies your job readiness.

Shareable, Credible and Official

Add it to your LinkedIn, share it on Twitter & WhatsApp, or via Email. Make your profile stand out everywhere.

Let companies compete for you

IRC certifies your industry-readiness and gets you placed with higher salaries.

LL-Industry Readiness Bootcamp-Course Completion Certificate


It was an amazing experience that provided me with the skills that would have taken me much longer to absorb from anywhere else, especially since majority of these skills would most likely appeared much further down the line into college and beyond. It has prepared me for any projects or jobs that I would potentially participate in the future. Everyone was very kind and helpful when it came to working with them, and I learned a lot from everyone on the team. I would like to thank everyone for giving me this opportunity and guiding me throughout the entire process; I feel that I have taken away some very important lessons that one could find nowhere but at 50 Hands (a.k.a. AXYYA Academy).

Shricharan K. Subramaniam

High School Student, Grad Prep, New Jersey - USA

First of all I am very grateful to my college, because I got this opportunity by them. It was an amazing experience to working with all the people. They all are very kind and support. Actually I am part of Data Visualization team. They gave lot of freedom to us to create our own charts and encouraging our own creativity. Because of the encouragement of my team I am able to complete Tableau Author Certification. I am so grateful to all the people and my team. Thank you.

Elango Arjunan

Undergrad Engineering Student, Salem-India

Before joining 50hands, I was not sure if I could walk to the path which I have paved for my career. But after I joined and completed my internship @ 50 Hands (a.k.a. AXYYA Academy), I am confident and optimistic to whatever I do in my life. 50hands has been a great teacher for me. I have gained experience , skills and a lot of other things which will surely help me in my professional growth and for my future career prospects.

Ranjita Pandey

Final year Undergrad, Butwal-Nepal

50 Hands (a.k.a. AXYYA Academy) is one organization where we can practically learn. I was completely new to the field of Data analysis. During this pandemic time, I started learning the basics of Data analysis with the help of online websites like coursera. But I didn’t have the opportunity to practically implement the ideas that I had. 50 Hands (a.k.a. AXYYA Academy) helped me in doing that. I worked on real world datasets that too related to the pandemic. This helped me in thinking practically to identify the KPIs relevant to the issue. I would say I can proudly mention my data analytics skill due to the experience I have gained through 50 Hands (a.k.a. AXYYA Academy).

Priyeash Balasubramanian

Undergrad Engineering Student, Chennai-India

I think 50 Hands (a.k.a. AXYYA Academy) provide me a path to learn about different ways to visualize, analyze the data as well as the value of team work. Agile methodology used to implement Pandemic related insights provide me a great lessons and understanding of working environment in high tech companies.

Eliyas Mathew

PG Diploma in Data Science, Vancouver-Canada

My internship at 50 Hands (a.k.a. AXYYA Academy) provided me with valuable hands-on experience and a better idea about what knowledge areas and skills I should attach more importance and make further improvement to in my further studies.The internship included many responsibilities necessary to analyze data. Each day brought different circumstances and I had the opportunity to make decisions on my own and learn from both my successes and failures. The internship was a worthwhile experience and I feel that it has prepared me well for my professional career. I will take both the positive and negative aspects of the internship with me in applying for and analyzing future opportunities.

Pavithra Kollipara

Undergrad Engg Student, Vijayawada-India

50 Hands (a.k.a. AXYYA Academy) is a place where you are accepted not if you have a brilliant mind but a will to learn and a hunger to do something. It’s a place where you can choose what you want to work on so you work on your passion. You will have a team like a family who helps you out at your lows and appreciates you at your highs. A place where you grow and grow with others. In essence it’s a place you want to be.

Raghav Kakkar

Undergrad Engineering Student, Ladwa-India

50 Hands (a.k.a. AXYYA Academy) is a great place to work for. As a student, I joined this 2 months internship program which gave me the exposure to the most modern days required skill set. I live in India and I was able to communicate with the team residing in Canada via online meet-ups. This actually gave me the opportunity to learn how to handle international meetings and get to work with the team as a whole. Also, the way 50 Hands (a.k.a. AXYYA Academy) organizes the progress of work done, which is visible to every team, gives an accurate idea of the workflow, and you can easily figure out how your work is going to affect other teams resulting in a right direction of how your work must be carried out. Overall it was a fantastic experience!

Rohan Varghese

Undergrad Engineering Student, Jagdalpur-India

50 Hands (a.k.a. AXYYA Academy) taught me everything you can expect from an industrial start up company with the flexibility and comfort of a small business. The leaders at 50 Hands (a.k.a. AXYYA Academy) are the best I’ve seen in all of the companies I’ve worked at so far, people who really care about getting the task done to best of their abilities even if it means getting involved in it themselves.

Akanksha Chawla

Undergrad Engineering Student, Delhi-India

Working for 50 Hands (a.k.a. AXYYA Academy) has developed my skills in so many areas including problem-solving, prioritizing my work under pressure, managing time in an efficient way. The working environment is supportive and I have a good relationship with my colleagues here.
I definitely recommend working/doing an internship at 50 Hands (a.k.a. AXYYA Academy). Nice colleagues, great coaching, a high level of independence, opportunities for self-development, and the variety of each job make it great to work here!

Sunil Kumar Gupta

Undergrad Engineering Student, Bhairahawa-Nepal

The training was very useful and super. All topics were explained clearly and teaching one by one practically. The tutor gave many practical sessions that are very useful and cleared the doubts clearly. Daily quizzes and mock tests were very useful. All thanks to the tutor and ‘AXYYA Academy’ team. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Praveen G.

Undergrad Engineering Student, Salem-India

The Training was superb and useful, special thanks to ‘AXYYA Academy’ tutor, the way he taught the concepts in SQL and PL/SQL is absolutely good. All the daily quizzes and assessments were very useful for evaluating myself. I will surely recommend this training to all my juniors. It would have been even more nice if there were more practice sessions like mock tests.

Rajkumar M.

Undergrad Engineering Student, Salem-India

The training was very useful. There is a very clear explanation on every topic and a friendly approach to all. Daily quizzes and assignments were very helpful to understand the concepts. There is no hesitation in asking our doubts. Before training, I was in a very basic level in SQL and PL\SQL but after completion of training I am familiar with SQL and PL\SQL.

Soundharya S.M.

Undergrad Engineering Student, Salem-India

The training was very informative and useful. The topics were clearly explained and was taught one by one practically. It was so useful to learn easily. Daily quizzes and practicals were useful for the first three-rounds of the interview. All thanks to AXYYA Academy’ for giving me this opportunity.

Suriya K.

Undergrad Engineering Student, Salem-India

The Training was useful which covered most of the topics in Python. The tutor gave a clear and detailed explanation of each topic. Daily quizzes were helpful to evaluate us as to where we are standing. Thanks to ‘AXYYA Academy’.

Sriranjani R.

Undergrad Engineering Student, Salem-India

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This Training program includes Capstone-projects, Live-interactive sessions, Assignments, Quizzes, Skill Assessment, Interview Preparation, Aptitude Preparation, Mock Test, Personal Mentorship, Job - Assistance and Placement.

Yes! Once you complete the online Training for 4-6 months an assessment will be conducted to test your  knowledge, based on which the certification will be provided to you.

You acquire confidence to build your own project. As the course is specially designed, It makes you a skilled developer to play a significant role in any company.


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