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Career Growth Opportunities in Data Science

What is Data Analysis?

Most people find it a little puzzling as to how to conceptualize Data Analysis. It’s such a vast and broad field. But every vast field has some focus.

Data Analysis is nothing but a procedure to clean, change and process raw data and extract decisive, current, relevant details and information.

This type of information is presented in visual professional graphics like charts and graphs.

This whole procedure is done to ensure healthy decisions are made in businesses with decreased risk of failure.

Importance of Learning SQL

  1. At its root, data analysis is all about problem-solving. So if you have problem-solving in your guts data analysis can be a great field for you.
  1. Data Analysis is in very high demand in the Job Market. In today’s scenario so many businesses have already started working with data. So you can witness high latitudinal opportunities in his field. In the future, this demand seems to increase.
  1. Since without any data, there is just no business wherever there are some crucial decisions to be made, it will involve data. Hence a Data Analyst is blessed with choices to make in any field they like and work as a Data Analyst.

Applications of Data Analysis:

1. Transportation:

Data Analysis can be of great help in the tourism and travel Industry. For example, most tourism businesses collect data from social media to boost their travel package sales.

2. Logistics:

Logistic companies use Data Analytic operations to find the least to high costing shipping routes, prediction of delivery time, and also a condition of goods being transported in real-time.

3. Search Engines:

Search Engines also use Data Analytics. Once any search is entered, Search Engines use Data Analytic Operations to deliver the best data that matches the search as well as within a specified frame of time.

4. Security:

Security of organizational data is a very crucial Data Analytics Job. Security Analytics is an application by which an organization is protected from online threats and viruses that can corrupt your system and security data.<

How many Data Science Jobs are available in the market?

There is no business in the world that does not use Data. And as people are learning the benefits of Data Analytic Operations in their work. More and more people are using it in their businesses. Hence, there are diverse job options available.

Let’s see the Salary Structure, Growth in 5 years, etc. in the table below.

Job Role
Average Starting Salary
% Salary growth after 5 years
Total open jobs in Naukri**
Top Employers
Top 5 Cities
1. Business Intelligence Analyst
5-6 Lakhs
Accenture IBM India Flipkart Dell International GlaxoSmithK
Bangalore Delhi / NCR Pune Hyderabad Mumbai
2. Data Analyst
4-5 Lakhs
Accenture IBM India Flipkart GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited
Bangalore Delhi / NCR Mumbai Gurgaon/Gurugram Pune
3. Data Scientist
8-9 Lakhs
Accenture IBM India Dell International Flipkart GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited
Bangalore Delhi Pune Hyderabad Mumbai
4. Data Engineer
8-9 Lakhs
Accenture IBM India Dell International GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited Capgemini
Bangalore Mumbai Pune Hyderabad Delhi
5. Quantitative Analyst
10-11 Lakhs
Accenture IBM India Flipkart Dell International GlaxoSmithKline
Bangalore Delhi Mumbai Gurgaon Pune
6. Data Analytics Consultant
10-11 Lakhs
Accenture Wells Fargo RANDSTAD INDIA PVT LTD Novartis Healthcare IBM India
Bangalore Delhi Gurgaon Mumbai Noida
7. Operations Analyst
3-4 Lakhs
Accenture Dell International IBM India Flipkart TechMBS
Delhi Bangalore Gurgaon/Gurugram Mumbai Pune
8. Marketing Analyst
4-5 Lakhs
Accenture Dell International IBM India Flipkart RANDSTAD
Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Gurgaon Pune
9. Project Manager
15-16 Lakhs
Accenture IBM India Infosys Technologies Flipkart Dell International
Bangalore Delhi Mumbai Hyderabad Pune
10. IT Systems Analyst
6-7 Lakhs
Accenture IBM India Dell International Infosys Technologies Flipkart
Bangalore Delhi Pune Hyderabad Mumbai
11. Transportation Logistics Specialist
4-5 Lakhs
Flipkart IBM India Genpact Dell International VVF
Bangalore Mumbai Delhi Chennai Pune

**As on February 08, 2022

How to become a Data Analysis Expert?

One can approach the path of Data Science in multitudinous ways. A Bachelor’s degree/Master’s degree in Data Science, Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Finance or economics, MIS, Psychology, etc.

There are also some good institutes that provide good data science courses. Hence, people from IT & Non-IT both can choose these options to embark on this journey.

TLL's Data Analyst profession program offer

AXYYA Academy is one such Institute that is open for training people from both IT & Non-IT backgrounds.

Here students are provided with an Industry-focused curriculum so they become Industry & Job Ready with Placement drives, Interview preparation and Industry Relevant Projects. 

We ensure that you start upon this journey with a better foot.

Throughout the blog, we saw how Data Analysis has become the most booming IT field. There are less number of skilled experts in this field, hence the demand will increase more in the near future.

So let’s embark on this learning journey!

The sooner, the better!